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This is a Periodic Table of the Elements in SQL Server 2008R2 along with a few Functions and Views for looking at Molecules-Compounds. It is intended for use by students and those seeking a platform to start a SQL Server Chemistry project.

These database was built to investigate the work of Miles Mathis and his Charge Field Theory: - The Unified Field explains the Atmosphere including the non-layering of O and N

a mechanical explanation of the Periodic Table including an explanation of Technetium

What this Physics-Chemistry Database includes:
  • A list of Physics constants (with calculated Float value) in SQL Server from
  • A list of 72,617 Molecules
  • Several assorted SQL Functions collected for analyzing data
  • A Periodic Table in SQL Server
  • A table of Element Orbitals
  • Views for Atomic Mass calculations

Goals and To-Dos:
  • Develop more SQL Functions and Stored Procedures around the Periodic table for quick calculations and lookups
  • Add values and calculations useful to students and researchers
  • Add Miles Mathis' references and calculations as tables/functions

Note: there are problems in some areas with parsing. This is only intended as a base to build from.

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